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Notes from those who love Alanya

Notes from those who love Alanya

We go to Alanya with serious prejudices under the influence of the soggy beaches that we see in the news and the influx of all-inclusives.

That’s why you can experience the shock of our lives when we set foot in Alanya on a July morning. Now the readers will say, “Let’s not exaggerate, my dear”, but you will feel like you have come to a European city.

When we arrive in Damlataş region, you will not believe the beauty of the historical texture. You will see groups of boys and girls having fun at the night bar.
Our feelings about Alanya may evaporate together with our bodies in the hellish heat of the summer months or we may die under the foot of the tourist stampede, that is another matter. Nevertheless, the fabric of Alanya is very beautiful and it is possible to enjoy it even in high season with the right maneuvers.

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