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Interesting COVID-19 step from BMW

Interesting COVID-19 step from BMW

BMW, one of the automotive companies that had to stop production due to the new type of coronavirus epidemic, has designed a series of board games for millions of people who quarantine themselves. You can download all of these interesting games from the website of the German brand.

Automobile companies such as Mercedes, Hyundai, Audi and Volkswagen changed their logos in order to draw attention to the social distance, which is the most effective measure we can take against coronavirus. Out of this trend, BMW came up with a completely different effort.

The German company released a series of games to make the time spent by people who locked themselves home to protect from the epidemic much more fun. If we say games, do not think of PC or PlayStation games immediately. Taking a much more traditional approach, the automotive giant has designed board games that you can play with your family members or friends.

According to the news of Webtekno, you can download all the games named Big BMW Race, Find The Pair, Park Your BMW, Puzzle Duo and Play Carpet on BMW’s official website. After downloading these designs in PDF format, you need to print them. You can then follow the instructions to play the games.

Stating that they have signed such a project in order to ensure that bored people have a much more enjoyable time, BMW says that especially families with children will enjoy the games in question.

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