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“Star Wars” style measure

“Star Wars” style measure

The World Health Organization declared the corona virus epidemic, which has spread to more than 114 countries, as a pandemic. Each country took measures according to its own conditions, and warned its citizens to be cautious. Worldwide sales of masks and gloves boomed, interest in vitamins increased. However, there were some who preferred to take different measures after the warnings. Some took different measures because of the black market, and some could not find a mask. As such, interesting images emerged. There were people wearing Star Wars costumes or using plastic bottles. Here are the interesting corona virus measures that fall into the agencies or compiled by the life portal Bored Panda …

In Manchester, a person put on the costume of the Stormtrooper characters from the movie Star Wars while walking his dog.

Tradesman Ahmet Fahrettin Övünçkaya, who stated that he found such an interesting solution that he could not find a mask, told UAV, “Such an interesting thing is very healthy, it takes air through the holes in the front and it makes noise, I can talk comfortably, I can eat at dinner and drink water when necessary. I cut the empty water bottle and removed the back. Anyone can do this, I tied the head with rubber. There is nothing that one cannot do when in difficulty. When it is expensive in cologne, I can also make cologne at home. I think it is more useful than the mask that normal people wear. “I can talk by opening the cover, I can eat at dinner by holding the fork in the mouth.”

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