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Mutual Happiness

Mutual Happiness

Mutual Happiness

Just as life returned to normal, the prohibitions started to show its face again to prevent the expected second wave. While everyone had to reshape their entire life due to Covid-19, we had to move our social lives to the house more introverted and this made us look for various occupations and entertainment at home. In addition to these, as well as social media, digital TV series and movie platforms, Puzzle, which we all played as a child at least once, grew up in some of us, but still continues as a hobby. Puzzle is a game that appeals to everyone in the society as it is made up of faces,

thousands or even ten thousand pieces for every age and difficulty level. It can attract the attention of every family member in our home and unite it at a common point, and it strengthens our relationships within the family and provides us with the happiness of unity and togetherness in these difficult times. Puzzle is just a small example of these. It should not be forgotten that it is up to us to direct what we have experienced during these difficult times in our homes towards positive things. “Think Positive, Live Positive”

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