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The difference in Alanya beaches

The difference in Alanya beaches

The charm of the bayless Alanya beaches should be discovered. The waters where the sea and the pine forests meet have a very different pleasure. The only fault is that the water is not cool. Still, Cleopatra beach is worth seeing.

Alanya beaches are the biggest tourist magnet of our country. Already, breathtaking photos of Cleopatra beach are often used in the promotion of Turkey. It may seem strange to you, but there are foreigners who have come to Alanya 3-5 times, although they have never been to Istanbul.

You can swim in Alanya from May to the end of October. This period can sometimes take longer. Our recommendation is to come at the end or the beginning of the season instead of the summer months in order to avoid both the suffocating heat and the crowds. But the fun of the summer months is something else. Blue flag beaches are also unrivaled in terms of cleanliness.

Of course, we will also have suggestions for a nice dinner on the beach after enjoying the sea.
Cozy Alanya is at your service on Damlataş street, close to the Cleopatra plate. An environment where you can have a good time in one of the most central areas of Alanya.

We can say that it reveals its difference in the region with its vegetarian burgers, kebabs and falafels.

He is also ambitious in seafood. In addition to daily fish varieties, it also offers options such as sea bass, salmon and lobster. On the other hand, its delicious and rich menu can meet all your wishes in the evening.

Do not forget to taste the special cocktails of Cozy Alanya.

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